Sylvia Whelchel

Wellness Center Therapist

Sylvia is currently off island but returns in September.  She will be seeing clients on Monday’s 2-7pm

1 hr in person consult and treatment plan $180

1 hr follow up in person consult $60

Call Sylvia directly on 808 344 0627 to book

My story: Sylvia Whelchel, AD, is recognized at the level of Ayurvedic Doctor by NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)and has been an Alternative Health Practitioner for over 15 years helping people bring balance and wellness into their lives. She has studied and practiced natural health, herbal therapy, since 1992 and holds degrees in Ayurveda as well as Nutrition, Hypnosis, Massage and Yoga.

She started studying Ayurveda in 2006 under the guidance of Dr. B. Ganesh, renowned Ayurvedic physician in Chennai, India. She was one of the few students to study one on one with Dr. Ganesh. In 201t she received her Ayurvedic Doctor Certification.

Sylvia has a deep understanding of doshic imbalances and uses the tools in her practice to balance her clients’ doshas through herbal formulas, lifestyle changes and specialized treatments. Her holistic approach enables her to create individualized programs, specifically tailored to the particular needs of her clients. She is clinically trained to offer authentic Panchakarma programs, and personally guides and supervises your process throughout your treatments.She is available for consultations in person by email or Skype. Her goal is always to teach and inspire empowerment.

Sylvia also offers lectures and workshops on Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. She is passionate about the ancient and incredible healing system of Ayurveda and loves sharing this knowledge with others.

Sylvia is currently travelling in Europe and returns to Maui and Maha Yoga & Wellenss in September 2019.