Sutton Healy

Wellness Center Therapist

Sutton sees clients on Tuesday’s 3.30 – 7pm and Friday 3-6pm

35 min Ionic Foot Bath $45

Initial 75 min Wellness consult and Ionic Food Bath $90

Call Sutton directly on 808 268 3452 to book

My story: Sutton is a licensed special education teacher with a passion for health, wellness, and education. She has many years of training and certifications in health and wellness.

Using Ionic Foot Bath therapy, inflammation and biochemical system imbalances, which arise as a result of a build up of toxins in the body are addressed. Detox is safe and effective, resulting in a reduction of inflammation and unpleasant symptoms.

Sutton also works closely with individuals and families struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder, especially regarding symptoms that can’t be addressed through behavioral therapy alone. The Ionic Foot Bath is one of treatment protocals she uses. She wants families to know that it’s possible to continue to heal ASD from the inside out with the right tools, information and lots of patience. Sutton is certified to consult, guide and educate caregivers through this process.