Shinzo Fujimaki

Wellness Center Therapist

MAT 5498

90 min $150

My Story: Shinzo Fujimaki is an internationally renowned healer and teacher who is a nationally certified instructor for Shiatsu, Shiatsu Yoga (self-care), Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga (EASY) as well as Fire and Water (Aquatic Shiatsu). Since 1985 he has practiced Shiatsu, both land and water, and taught at numerous massage schools, acupuncture colleges and spas for over 30 years including Japan, Switzerland, Lithuania, Spain, Singapore, Canada and USA.

Due to this Shinzo spends much of the year training professionals world wide.

Born in Japan, Shinzo showed an early aptitude for the healing arts, learning Shiatsu from the founder of Shiatsu, Namikoshi as well as his mother, Etsuko Fujimaki. After achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from a Japanese college, Shinzo immigrated to the United States to pursue additional education in college in California. He also mastered the martial arts, achieving a black belt in Aikido and is an avid practitioner of Qi Gong and Yoga .

Shinzo believes that everyone has the capacity for self-healing, so his treatments equip clients with the ability to practice healing arts at home, called “Shiatsu Yoga”.

“My role as healer and teacher is not to fix or make outside changes. I open energy channels to the higher self, and together we recognize and empower our own capabilities through self-healing, self-expression, self-awareness and self-love.”

MAT5498 (Hawaii)
Certified Continuing Education:
NCBTMB National Certification Provider: 450775-08
Certified WABA instructor

The 5 Elements: Understanding the essence of Eastern Medicine for self-care and healing
E.A.S.Y : Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga
In the works –  Shiatsu : Complete guide of Shiatsu with Shinzo