Chrissy Kapoor

Wellness Center Therapist
Chrissy Kapoor Yoga Maui Hawaii

MAT 11284

90 min $120

My story: Chrissy Kapoor is a dedicated yoga teacher and shiatsu massage therapist. With almost a decade of teaching and bodywork experience, she has a deep awareness of the body, subtle energy and functional movement. She has been a licensed massage therapist in Hawaii since 2009 and a professional shiatsu therapist since 2012.

Thanks to her studies in yoga, qigong, shiatsu and taoist and tantric philosophy, Chrissy has an in-depth understanding and a unique awareness of subtle energy and how it moves through the body.

Known for her intuitive and warm nature, each session with Chrissy holds space for you to discover the wellspring of energy, wisdom, healing and love inside your own heart.