Nora Day

Nora Day Yoga Maui Hawaii

Nora is the founder of, a one stop shop for yoga, meditation, plant based recipes, and lifestyle choices. With 50,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and millions of views, and a high profile presence on Facebook and Instagram, she quickly realized, people want more. She is an author, a yoga and meditation expert, an internationally traveled yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker.

Nora’s approach to yoga and meditation is not like most. It is very reflective of her midwest upbringing. Keeping it simple and honest, without the fluff, or fakeness. Hard work, dedication, and consistency, are the basis of her teachings.

Her yoga classes are creative, and freeing, as she still keeps the discipline with a sense of humor and authenticity that has framed her style of yoga over the years. She is known for her fit inspired yoga classes and her deep stretching style of yoga that combines Yin Yoga and movement stretches.