Chrissy Kapoor

Chrissy Kapoor Yoga Shiatsu Maui Hawaii

Chrissy Kapoor, Yoga alliance certified RYT 500 and E-RYT 200. is a dedicated Hatha Yoga teacher and shiatsu massage therapist. With almost a decade of teaching and bodywork experience, she has a deep awareness of the body, subtle energy and functional movement. Chrissy’s classes offers a combination of clear, specific alignment instruction and fluid movement honoring the natural way your body wants to breathe and move.  Through skillful story-telling and theme-weaving, the yoga comes alive in your body!

“I am a student of energy. In the body. In Nature. There is an intelligence that moves through us and around us. When we listen, feel and follow, it can bring us into deep peace and harmony in body, mind, heart and spirit.”

As a Bhakti yogi on a devotional path, Chrissy’s practice is to honor the Divine in all things and embody Love.

Chrissy’s somatic journey started and continues in the field of dance. Growing up with a natural expression of the body through movement led her to study yoga, massage, qi gong and shiatsu. She has an in-depth understanding of the bio-mechanical alignment principles of Anusara yoga, the meridian system of Zen Shiatu and functional anatomy. This gives her a unique awareness of subtle energy and how it moves through the body.

Known for her intuitive and warm nature, each class or private session with Chrissy holds space for you to discover your inner teacher and the wellspring of energy, wisdom and Love inside your own heart.