About Maha Yoga


Maha Yoga is situated on the magical island of Maui, right in the heart of the North Shore’s bustling and eclectic Paia Town. Famous for its beaches, warm water, hikes, big wave surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, open ocean paddling and YOGA, it is a mecca for yogis, nature and water lovers from all around the world.

Maui is appreciated for its year round near perfect weather, healthy lifestyle, fresh food, outdoor living and aloha spirit – all of which support the yogic lifestyle and practices.

Maha Yoga was opened in August 2018 by Karin Kuhn, who moved to Maui in 2007 from Cape Town, South Africa.

Karin has been teaching yoga full time since 2004 and has owned and managed yoga studios in South Africa and on Maui.

Maha Yoga is the fulfillment of a long time dream to create a space that offers locals and visitors high quality yoga in a beautiful space.

Over many years of teaching Karin has cultivated a community of dedicated students from all around the world, all of whom embrace Yoga and embody the spirit of ALOHA.

Her staff of teachers bring with them many years of experience and a deep passion for the practice and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle!

This has created a unique teaching and learning environment for those who earnestly seek to experience the many benefits that Yoga brings to our lives.

Located right in the heart of the town but offset from the Main road the studio offers a tranquil practice environment with lots of natural light and beautiful views across the North Shore from its second story vantage point. There is abundant parking right outside the studio which makes getting to class on time a breeze! No Stress!

Students enjoy a more intimate practice environment, as the studio accommodates a maximum of 25 students per class. This allows for personal attention by the teachers to better support students practice needs and goals.

The space is fully equipped with bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows, sandbags and chairs.

Large windows allow for lots of natural light and airflow (but if its gets to hot and humid we have AC to cool you down!).  During the day large floor to ceiling mirrors “bring the outside in” and during the evening classes you will watch the sun set over the North Shore and hear the soft sound of live music from surrounding restaurants.

Group Classes currently on offer include alignment based Vinyasa Flow classes, Baptiste Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Deep Release Hip & Shoulder opening classes, Ayurvedic Yoga classes, Pilates for Yoga,   Kauit Yoga and Qi Gong.

Private classes are also available with our team as well as part time and intensive Yoga Teacher Trainings under the guidance of Karin Kuhn. Workshops and intensives, with local and guest teachers are scheduled at various times throughout the year to allow students to deepen their understanding and application of all aspects of the practice.


Being so central students can easily enjoy the pre/post class shopping and eating activities that make this historic north shore plantation town so popular with island visitors. Situated right next to Mana Foods and Choice, students can stroll over to enjoy the healthy fresh food and juice offerings that complement and support all the good work done on the mat. There are also many other restaurants and coffee shops that allow you to chill out with friends after class and soak up the relaxed North Shore vibe.


The Studio has ample FREE PARKING right outside.  You access the parking lot from Hana Highway, next to Charlie’s Restaurant.

Additional free parking is available at Mana Foods, or a short 2-3 minute walk next to the Shell Garage or at the Community Centre next to the Church.

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to join us and become a part of our ohana (family).


We invite you to join us and become a part of our ohana (family).


To share Yoga as a sacred daily practice and lifestyle that values:

  • health and well-being,
  • personal development,
  • community building and partnerships,
  • sustainable living practices
  • environmental stewardship.

To create conscious, uplifting communities where we can celebrate diversity and connect authentically!

To educate, inspire, empower and support students in their journey towards health and happiness and living a life of passion and purpose.

To provide students with highly trained, experienced and inspirational teachers who share the practice professionally and authentically, in the classroom and in daily life

To hold a sacred space for personal insight and transformation.

To practice yoga and live life in the spirit of ALOHA.


We teach people, not poses.

We recognize your individuality and honor your unique expression of the practice.

We hold a space for self reflection as opposed to the constant seeking of perfection.

We believe that yoga is a lifelong journey and our classrooms are our playgrounds and laboratories where we get to make magic happen!

We believe that learning and growing is FUN!

We commit to always being and doing our best as teachers, through ongoing study and personal practice.


You will be made to feel welcome, and part of a beautiful community of students from all around the world.

You will be guided and supported by well trained and experienced teachers who commit to doing and being their best in service of you.

You will feel physically and emotionally safe, supported, and respected.

You will receive classes that are carefully sequenced, mindful, and steady in their pacing.

You will receive clear instruction on how to do the poses safely as well as personal feedback to assist you in deepening your practice.

You will learn how to use props, variations and progressions to tailor the practice to your needs on the day.

You will be encouraged and appropriately challenged.

You may receive gentle and appropriate adjustments that help you find greater alignment and ease in the pose.

You will leave feeling nourished, relaxed, confident and inspired

You will laugh! And you might even cry…..

You will have the opportunity to make new friends!

We invite you to join us and become a part of our ohana (family).