About Karin

Karin Kuhn

Karin Kuhn

Karin sees herself as a WELL-LIFE ENTREPENEUR passionate about the conscious entrepeneurial journey, yoga, coaching for health and personal growth, while living and loving the good life.

Karin has been teaching yoga full time since 2004 and has owned and managed Yoga studios and fitness centers in both South Africa and on Maui.  She shares Yoga as a lifestyle that values health, community, sustainable living practices and environmental stewardship.

As a Health & Wellness Coach she blends the principles and practices of Yoga, Ayurveda & Mindfulness with the science and art of nutrition and health coaching to help clients up-level their health, lifestyle, mindset and performance habits so they can show up confidently and energetically to thrive in work-love-play!

As a catalyst for change she loves educating, inspiring and empowering people on the journey of transformation to living life with health, happiness, purpose, passion and joy.

Karin moved to  Maui in 2007 from Cape Town, South Africa and lives life happily on the North Shore with her husband and 2 fur babies. She finds inspiration through her yoga practice, student’s stories, nature, art, music and travelling.


I LOVE a good coffee – slow mornings and a big cuppa joe are my jam.

I am crazy about cats – and dogs, and all animals really, but especially cats….yup, I might just be “that lady”

My favorite TV show? The Dodo Channel – I love seeing the goodness in people and how love can overcome adversity

I think I am taller than I am – ouch, reality hurts!

I (think) I can get anywhere in 5 minutes – tricky for someone who only drives at 40miles/hr

I am convinced I am very funny – but I can never remember the punchline of a joke!

I am big on hugging – humans, animals and trees, hugging styles are a thing you know!

I have a fear of water – odd thing for a Pisces, living on an island in the middle of the ocean right?

The beach is my happy place – give me a good book, beach chair and a ‘brolly and I couldn’t be happier!

My fav holiday activity? Walking in rockpools, collecting shells and taking photographs

A little bit more…..

My biggest accomplishments – Being an Aunty , becoming a yoga teacher, running my small but purpose driven business and building a community of amazing friends and students from all around the world

What inspires me? My yoga practice, My client’s stories of struggles and success, being in nature and travelling with my best buddy, my Mum.

What Lights me up – Creating a safe space for people to share their authentic selves and to experience the inner wisdom and deep capacity for healing that is inherent within us all.

What I am currently working onslowing down, easing up, letting go of perfectionist tendencies, being vulnerable, laughing more, being seen, dealing with my terror of tech!!! and becoming a better baker….


CONSCIOUS ENTREPENEURSHIP – Being deeply intentional in how we show up in the world as business owners and community leaders; living our passion in such a way that those around us see benefit from our work, not just ourselves and treading lightly on the earth.

SUPPORTING THE CHANGING PARADIGM OF HEALTH CARE TO EMPOWERED SELF CARE – away from prescriptions and towards prevention and becoming an advocate for whole-person health care

WHOLE PERSON, WHOLE LIFE HEALTH –  supporting my clients thriving in all dimensions of wellness through RIGHT FOOD + RIGHT MOVEMENT + RIGHT LIFESTYLE + RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS + RIGHT WORK

EMPOWERED WELL BEING – helping to put people into the drivers seat of their own health and healing journey through self awareness, education and personal responsibility

HEALTH OF THE PLANET – making better eating and lifestyle choices that support the our own health but also health of our families, community & planet


E-RYT 500  (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr)

Health & Wellness Coach – Health Coach Institute

RYS 200 (Owner/Director – Registered Yoga School 200hr – Maha Yoga)

YACEP – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy Sports Medicine)

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy Sports Medicine)