Your Path to Wellness begins here!

MAE – 3508

In 2018 Maha Yoga opened its doors to our local and international community of Yogis. One year later we have expanded into the space next door and opened our Wellness Center, not as a separate business, but as a natural extension of our original vision and to be able to better serve our community’s health, healing and wellness goals.


We believe that health and healing occurs on many levels and to operate to our fullest potential in our work, sports and relationships we need to be in optimal health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

At Maha Yoga & Wellness our vision is to offer an inspiring and supportive environment where we can learn, and put into practice, the tools to achieve this. When we use these tools we can connect to our inner GPS, find balance, manifest our potential and create the life we want to live!

Through the combined sciences of yoga, Ayurveda, physical therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic bodywork, Shiatsu, Nutritional and Lifestyle consults and Intuitive Healing, our team of well trained and experienced teachers, therapists and consultants will help you find your “go to wellness ritual” for daily living that will build health, strength and beauty from within.

We believe that with the right team behind you and an inspired community around you will feel better, look better and live life better!