Karin Kuhn Yoga Maui Wellness Retreats

Karin Kuhn


Mon, Wed & Fri: Int/Adv Vinyasa Flow: 6.45am – 8am

Daily: Vinyasa Flow: 8.30am – 10am (except Wed)

Tues, Wed & Sat: Deep Stretch Hip & Shoulder Opening: 10.30am; 5.30 – 6.45pm and 8.30am respectively

Owner and Founder of Maha Yoga & Wellness, Karin passionately shares Yoga as a lifestyle that values health, personal development, community, partnership, sustainable living practices and environmental stewardship. She sees herself as a catalyst for change, educating, inspiring and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives, filled with purpose, passion and joy.

Teaching full time since 2004 Karin offers public classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats and continuing education classes on Maui and in South Africa.

Cara Griffin Yoga Maui Hawaii

Cara Griffin


Tues & Thur Vinyasa Flow: 5.30 – 6.45pm

Sun: Deep Stretch Hip & Shoulder Opening 5.30 – 6.45pm

Cara believes passionately in the power of breath and barefeet. At age 15, she became the student of Kundalini Yoga and Energy Healers, Ataana and Tammie Badilli. Their wisdom sparked Cara’s interest to explore the teachings of yoga as a pathway for emotional and physical resilience.

Chrissy Kapoor Yoga Maui Hawaii

Chrissy Kapoor

CLASSES: Hatha Yoga

Wed 8.30- 10am – Intermediate

Sun 10.30 – 12.00 – All Levels

Chrissy Kapoor is a dedicated Hatha Yoga teacher and shiatsu massage therapist. With almost a decade of teaching and bodywork experience, she has a deep awareness of the body, subtle energy and functional movement. Chrissy’s classes offers a combination of clear, specific alignment instruction and fluid movement honoring the natural way your body wants to breathe and move.  Through skillful story-telling and theme-weaving, the yoga comes alive in your body!

Mel Ehlan

CLASSES: Hatha Yoga Foundations

Mon 5.30 – 6.45pm

Mel grew up in Germany where she studied Physical Therapy.  In her mid 20’s she had the urge to leave and to discover the world.  Travelling to different places she eventually  found Maui and fell in love with the island.

“I started working as a licensed Massage Therapist and discovered different modalities such as Myofacial Release , Active Release Technique (ART) ,Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  I also certified with NASM as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Heather Thomas Yoga Teacher Maui Hawaii

Heather Thomas

CLASSES :see schedule for subbing classes

Core Conditioning for Yoga – Thurs 10.30

Heather began her career in movement at the age of 6 when she started training gymnastics. For 12 years she competed in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program in Southern California as a competitive artistic gymnast. She has 8 years gymnastics coaching experience; working with ages 3- 18 in recreational gymnastics and competitive gymnastics.

Skye Birdsall Yoga Kirtan Maui Hawaii

Skye Birdsall


Mon: Vinyasa Flow 10.30 – 11.45am

Thurs: Yin Restorative with Yoga Nidra and Sound 7-8pm

Skye Birdsall has been sharing her passion for the path of yoga since 2009. She began her studies in Santa Cruz, CA and developed her career in San Jose as a full time teacher by 2015.

Her approach to class is a heart-centered alignment practice inspired by the Anusara method. With her signature gentle and nurturing energy her classes are largely focused on the beautiful philosophy of yoga as she weaves personal stories and yogic wisdom into her instruction.

Chandra Nanette Bowen Ayurveda irest yoga nidra

Chandra Nanette Bowen

Classes & Workshops TBA

Chandra’s overriding desire is to apply yoga, Ayurveda and over 35 years of experience as a medical practitioner toward helping others integrate and balance body, mind,and spirit.

She views yoga as medicine and draws upon her western knowledge of the body with yoga anatomy to address the whole person as an individual by combining postures, breath work, meditation, and, depending on the requirement, iRest® Yoga Nidra.

River Cummings

CLASSES: Vedic Chanting Series – next date TBA

“Starting her yoga practice at the age of 19, River’s professional teaching career began in the 1990’s. Over the past two decades her offerings have included group class instruction, individual yoga therapy, retreats, workshops, festivals, corporate yoga program development, and 12 years directing yoga teacher trainings. She is a dedicated student of yoga, yoga therapy, and Vedic chant in the lineage of T.K.V. Desikachar and T. Krishnamacharya. River is a master teacher of Viniyoga methodology and holds both Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist certifications from Gary Kraftsow’s American Viniyoga Institute.

Scott Adam Sound Healing Yoga Maui Hawaii

Scott Adam

CLASS – Vibrational Sound Healing Workshops with Skye Birdsall

next workshop March 21st 2020 4-6pm.  Sign up HERE

Scott Adam has traveled the country teaching yoga and holding sound healings, and sharing music for the past five years.

Scott Adam has been a yogi since the early 1990’s when he started studying in college at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then he took his yoga skills into the professional snowboarding field as a coach and incorporated yoga into his training sessions with his team.


Please email your teaching resume to Karin@maha-yoga.com