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MON – FRI 6.45 – 8am

Mon, Wed & Fri (Int/Adv) – Karin

Tues & Thurs (all levels) – Cara

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Start your day off just right!! This 75 min class includes dynamic flows to warm up the body, with a strong focus on standing poses, standing balances and core work to build strength, improve flexibility and enhance balance and co-ordination skills.  The practice also includes arm balances and inversions to challenge students upper body strength. Breathing exercises and cleansing practices will enhance the benefits of the asana practice and leave you feeling physically energized and strong but also clear headed, centered and inspired! You will leave ready for a day ahead of work and play!



TUES, THURS, FRI & SUN 8.30am- Karin

MON & WED  10.30 – 11.45am – Skye and Cara

The morning classes are a unique blend of asana, yogic philosophy, and chanting to create an uplifting experience that energizes the body, calms the mind and opens the heart! The slightly longer class provides students with enough time to explore and find proper alignment in a pose while still challenging themselves to move dynamically, building heat and strength. The classes have a strong focus on standing poses and balances to build functional strength in the legs and to the open hips; core work to support upper body strength and gentle backbends to strengthen the back and open the shoulders. More advanced poses such as deeper backbends, inversions and arm balances are explored towards the middle of the class and seated hip openers and cooling inversions follow at the end. This well rounded practice will develop strength, mobility and balance.



Mon 8.30am

This Class is a slow and delicious journey from movement to stillness.  This class has been specifically designed to balance out the fun, and often sport filled weekend and allow for a gentle re-entry into the week’s classes ahead.  The practice starts with a slow, gentle, juicy, warm up focusing on the major joints in the body, especially hips and shoulders and then builds into deeper holds into those same joints.  There are no arm balances or inversions but rather a focus on deeper supported backbends , seated hip openers and and cooling supported inversions.  We wind down with pranayama and a slightly longer savasana.

DEEP STRETCH – Hip & Shoulder Opening


Tues 10.30 – 11.45am : Karin

Wed 5.30 – 6.45pm : Karin

Sat 8.30 – 10am : Karin

Sun 5.30 – 6.45pm : Cara

All levels welcome! This class is designed to move at a much slower pace than the Slow Flow to Deep Stretch class!  Think of it as a blend of Yin and Restorative, using long holds and props.  Taking a few minutes in each poses allows one to really “sink” into areas of tension and holding.  We can move into deeper tissues such as tendons, ligaments, scar tissue and fascia.  There is deep attention to the breath and exploration of how moving slowly and breathing deeply can profoundly transform the shape of the body and the mind.

Most poses are done on the floor with use of props (straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets) and focus strongly on stretching and opening the hips and shoulders, side body, twisting and forward bending.   Inversions are cooling and most often propped. Classes can include pranayama and students get to enjoy a longer savasana.

This class is a perfect counter balance to a stronger more dynamic practice but offers more poses than a restorative class or yin class.  It provides an excellent “active rest” day/practice for those students with a strong, regular vinyasa practice.  It is the perfect way to wind down from a busy day or week and to start the weekend off relaxed and refreshed!

SOULFUL FLOW with live instrumental music


SAT 10.30 – 12pm

Sound and movement and breath.  All three will take you deep into your own experience of your body and its innate capacity to heal through movement.

Skye is a yogini and musician who is deeply passionate about yoga and sound as a path to vibrational healing.

This class will open with a heart based sharing of how each person is feeling and what their desire is for the practice.  This open communication is used to set the tone for the class and the sequence that will unfold to support each student in their practice.

The class opens and closes with live instrumental music (flutes, guitar, harmomium) performed by Skye.

Asana, pranayama, and mantra and uplifting messages are all incorporated into the class to provide a rich, deep and transformative experience.



Fri – 10.30 – 11.45am

This class is a delicious fusion of Kundalini , Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.  The practice opens with Kundalini exercises, breathing practices and simple mantras to set a clear heart based intention for the practice ahead.  Following this warm up students move to the Hatha Yoga practice with a focus primarily on standing poses,  standing balances and gentle backbends.  This more heating element of the practice is then balanced as students come to the floor for supported restorative hip and shoulder opening poses in order to cool the body.  The practice closes with a 15 min Yoga Nidra which guides one towards a state of deep relaxation that allows the body to integrate the physical and energetic practices, leaving one feeling relaxed but open and ready to move into the day.

HATHA YOGA – Foundations


(Jan Sub Mark Gregory)

MON 5.30 – 6.45PM

This class is ideal for students new to the practice AND more experienced practitioners looking to slow down and work on alignment and refinement of foundational poses.  These foundational poses are drawn from the various family/categories of poses – standing poses, standing balances, core work, backbends and inversions.

Poses will be practiced both on the floor and standing.  The feet will be greatly strengthened, knee range of motion improved, the legs will be strengthened and hip range of motion vastly improved.  A strong attention to developing deep core stabilization strength will improve balance and upper body range of motion and strength.

This class has a slow pace, poses are held longer and with great attention to alignment through the use of props (straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters, bars and the wall)

Students will receive clear and precise verbal instruction, gentle and appropriate adjustments and education on the use of props and variations to suit their needs.  The slower pace allows students to develop good practice habits and understand the art and science behind intelligent, progressive sequencing which will allow them to go deeper into the poses safely.  They will gain the skills to develop a home practice and cultivate the confidence to move into a more challenging group environment.

HATHA YOGA – All Levels & Intermediate


WED: 8.30 – 10am Intermediate

Sun: 10.30 – 12pm All Levels


This class caters for students new to yoga, students wanting a slower paced practice than a typical vinyasa flow class and students with mild injuries. Poses are held longer and with great attention to alignment and well supported with props as needed. Students will receive clear and precise verbal instruction, gentle and appropriate adjustments and education on the use of props and variations to suit their particular needs. This class will help students of any level develop good practice habits; learn how to cultivate a personal practice and how to move safely within a more challenging class environment.


This class caters for students who are more familiar with the practice of Hatha Yoga.  The class still offers a slower pace than a traditional Vinyasa Practice but builds on the Foundational work by adding more challenging poses to each of the different family of poses (standing balances, backbends and inversions).  Students are still well supported with clear verbal instructions to support proper alignment as well as props to help deepen the poses.  Students will also be motivated and inspired through the teaching of Yogic Philosophy as drawn from Tantra and the Yoga Sutras.  We aspire to open our hearts and minds as much as our bodies in this class!

PILATES – Core Conditioning for Yoga


TUES 10.30- 11.45AM

This class has been developed with Yogis in mind!  Linda Stobart is a highly experienced Pilates teacher and devoted student of Yoga.  Karin Kuhn, Owner and Senior Teacher at Maha Yoga, has been teaching yoga since 2004 and is a certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Together these teachers have identified areas of weakness or compensation that often present in a yoga practice and through day to day movements in work and sports.  This class will use classic mat Pilates exercises as well as other Core Conditioning exercises and drills to support better spinal mobility and strength, hip strength as well as to cultivate the upper body flexibility and strength needed to support and progress a Yoga asana practice in an intelligent and safe way.

This will be a full body “conditioning” class using yoga props (mats, blocks, blankets, straps) and other stability challenging tools.  Emphasis will be on developing proper moving and breathing mechanics through progressions to cultivate strength and control.  The class will close with a full body stretching routine to balance out the strength work.

In this class you will :

  •  Learn how to move efficiently and effectively
  • Develop a strong core – flat abdominals and a strong back
  • Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility
  • Create an evenly conditioned body which will improve sports performance and prevent injuries



The Kaiut method is a biomechanics yoga practice developed by Brazilian yoga teacher Francisco Kaiut. It is deeply influenced by his professional practice as a chiropractor and his education in craniosacral and polarity therapies, deep tissue massage and hatha yoga.

Kaiut yoga uses basic poses and shapes to create a practice that is challenging and yet accessible to all regardless of flexibility, strength, age or experience. It has been designed to focus on the joints and work through chronic pain and injuries as well as general aches and stiffness. The teaching style encourages a state of relaxation throughout the class facilitating stress reduction and support of the Parasympathetic nervous system.



Monthly workshops – Jan dates TBA

$20 drop in

Renew your physical body, mind, and energy field as crystalline frequencies wash over you. Let go into waves of sound intended to soothe you and move your entire system through stages of release, expansion, activation, and integration.

Sound Healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man and offers a drug free way to treat pain and illness and tune ourselves to the Divine. The therapeutic application of sound frequencies influence both the body and mind, helping us to return to a state of harmony and health. Through crystal bowls, guitar, hand pan, chimes and vocalizations Scott will create a landscape of sound for the soul to play and heal.

Crystal singing bowls have the power and potential of both the quartz crystal with which they are made and the sound that they emit. The physical body is made up of various crystalline substances. The bones are made from a combination of collagen, which is a protein in the form of a double helix intertwined around it that forms the framework for a type of calcium phosphate crystal called “Apatite”.  Apatite crystals exist throughout the body, in the skull and in our teeth.  Our body is made up of more that 70% water. The crystal that is in our physical body resonates with the crystal singing bowls sounds helping to alter the structure of our being, helping to re-align parts of us that are imbalanced. This creates a vibration that will amplify and transform the healing energies, which are stored within the bowl, and work directly with the crystalline structure of the body as well as alter brain wave frequencies, allowing us to enter into the alpha-theta optimum healing frequency and also creating a balance and synchronisation in the two hemispheres of the brain. Generally people have one hemisphere that doesn’t fire properly, and this is true in Autism as well. As the bowls are made of quartz crystal and the physical vehicle strongly resonates with the energy of quartz, then the crystalline and cellular structure and makeup of the human body, which is combined with the sound vibration, enables the energy to echo throughout the body’s cavities, thus creating an extremely dynamic level of harmonic response.

Please care for yourself well before coming and bring water to integrate the sounds you’ll be experiencing throughout the session. Wear comfortable clothing , mat to lay on. bring a pillow or blanket to be super cozy.




Yoga Nidra(“yogic sleep”) is a state of consciousness. Like lucid dreaming, it lies between sleep and wakefulness, a place where ancient yogis believed one could realize one’s true Self.

iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation is a modern-day adaptation of this ancient practice of healing. It is a form of mind-body training, with clinically researched demonstrable effects shown to increase happiness, improve sleep, increase energy, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

This meditation practice begins with a gentle movement series, followed by a supported restorative meditative posture (you’ll rest in a supportive reclined position with props). We will then explore the space between wakefulness and sleep where deep healing and restoration can occur.

All are welcome. No yoga or meditation experience required. ALL YOU NEED IS YOU!

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